SPEARWOOD is a rare collection of seven parcels of lush, expansive riverfront land reserved for the privileged few. Each parcel luxuriates over ten acres – the perfect size for a second home or an ultimate holiday sanctuary.
Mathieson Architects created the masterplan and has brought to life an inspired architectural vision for you to embrace, or, you can appoint your own architect and bring to life your dream home.


proper noun
  1. The Brigalow is a variety of Acacia dense in the Southern Highlands whose epithet means Spearwood.
  2. ‘Burradoo’ in the local Aboriginal tongue is a phrase meaning many Brigalow Trees.

The Vision.

It seeks the serene and
the monastic.

Spearwood Burradoo is an uncompromisingly modern design, that incorporates the pastoral roots of the area. The architectural intention was to bring to life the serene and the monastic throughout, perfectly balancing the natural and artisanal luxury.
This is a very exclusive collection of seven houses created to express the individual owner’s unique desire. Each parcel luxuriates over its own ten acres and concludes at the banks of the Wingecarribee river.

Spearwood is the epitome of

essential pastoral luxury.

“All is considered on a predetermined rigour.”

Phillip mathieson.

-Mathieson Architects

The architecture is designed with a drama – a sense of theatre – in mind to heighten the experience of being in each unique space.

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.”


-Leo Tolstoy



Quiet tree-lined streets
and aprons of grass
fronting mansions.

Burradoo is an elegant, exclusive residential area near the township of Bowral, well known and historically regarded as the most prestigious suburban location in the area.
The suburb of Burradoo has long enticed an elite who have wanted seclusion in immaculately manicured landscapes, big European trees, and long leafy driveways. This is a suburb whose values of prestige and privacy are jealously protected.


historic township is
as beautiful as the
natural environment.

High hills and escarpments are the back drop to a distinctive town that has preserved the original intention and vision of the founders – an English village in the highlands of Australia.


Mathieson Architects is a
Sydney-based architectural
design studio.

Design Director Phillip Mathieson leads an approach to design that is grounded in Modernist principles of authentic, timeless design and planning rigour.